Siema Ziemia – Vulnerabilities (TS Premiere)

A group that does not fit easily into any category, Siema Ziemia made up of Kacper Krupa (tenor saxophone/synth), Fryderyk Szulgit (guitar/synth), Paweł Stachowiak (bass/synth), Andrzej Konieczny (drums/synth) draws energy from collective improvisation. With their music, they attempt to recreate the highly organised structures of electronic music using acoustic instruments.

Known for their genre-defying experimentation, the quartet has established a distinct style. On their forthcoming album, ‘Second’, they reflect on the world’s ephemerality and vulnerability. Over eight tracks, they explore the concept of our connection to nature and the people who matter to us through a collective approach.

Today we’re premiering ‘Vulnerabilities’. The band produces a sound that is both expansive and intimate at the same time. With a mix of sparkling, soaring sax, high-energy drum beats, and intoxicating synths paired with rumbling basslines, the track creeps along at a steady pace until just before the midway point, or so, then it picks up the pace before fading out on a gentle note. Siema Ziemia has created an innovative sound that is both powerful and calming, and ‘Vulnerabilities’ is an apt example of this.

‘Second’ is released on 8th September on Byrd Out.

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