Between The Cracks: New & Notable Releases That Need Your Attention

Greetings everyone! I hope your week has been good. Once again, we have some fantastic releases to tell you about. We’ll dive right into this week’s roundup without further ado! Oh, and don’t forget it’s Bandcamp Friday!


Oiro Pena – Puna

Ok, so you’ve heard of Oiro Pena, right? Well, the Finnish jazz group led by the talented composer Antti Vauhkonen just dropped a new album called ‘Puna’. It’s a lovely blend of lo-fi spiritual jazz, experimental tunes, and avant-garde music vibes. The LP’s best songs are the four vocal tracks featuring the super-talented Merikukka Kiviharju. What’s cool is that they have a mix of original lyrics and some classic Finnish folk song lyrics. It’s a nice blend of old and new!


Linda May Han Oh – The Glass Hours

On The Glass Hours, award-winning bassist Linda May Han Oh leads a dynamic group of musicians exploring the paradoxes embedded within our personal and societal values based on abstract themes of the fragility of time and life.


Fabiano Do Nascimento – Das Nuvens

Los Angeles-based guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimento throws us a curveball on Das Nuvens. Known for his Brazilian acoustic guitar beauty, Nascimento lands on Leaving Records and switches gears to more electronic sounds. Although the charming guitar works remain, electronic flourishes and dreamy ambient warmth create a sense of sonic fantasy. Beautiful stuff.


Jonathan Kirby – Safe To Disconnect II

As we listened to Jonathan Kirby’s glistening new age explorations, the sun peeked out of the grey skies, and fittingly, this vibrant album was the perfect soundtrack. Throughout the album’s forty minutes, Kirby lays down his impeccably crafted soundscapes that move between ambient, electronic and new age with touches of jazz and exotica. Safe To Disconnect II is an album that deserves a wider audience.


Jonny Nash – Point Of Entry

Whenever Jonny Nash releases a new album, it’s something to celebrate. But let me tell you, ‘Point Of Entry’ takes things to a whole new level even for him. It’s pretty special. Get ready to immerse yourself in a musical journey that will transport you to pure relaxation and deep contemplation. With eleven chilled tracks, Nash delivers soothing melodies that will accompany you on your tranquil voyage through serene oceans of calmness. Consider this album the perfect antidote for the hectic nature of our modern lives.


Huw Marc Bennett – Days Like This

Get ready to set the mood for some serious relaxation and positive vibes with the soul-soothing tunes of Huw Marc Bennett. Step into another world with this mind-bending mix of cosmic jazz, psychedelic folk, soul, and dub. It’s a trippy journey tailor-made for those seeking a transcendent spiritual experience. So grab your joss sticks, whack on the headphones, and immerse yourself in this healing music brought to you by Alberts Favourites.



Pigeon – Backslider

Forget the jazz and no-wave vibes from their debut EP. Pigeon’s second offering brings afro disco laced with electro beats, rocking grooves, and catchy synth-pop vibes this time. With five tracks to make your hips shake, listen to this energetic offering that moves fluidly across genres.


Saint Abdullah and Eomac – A Vow Not To Read

The long-distance collaboration between Saint Abdullah and Eomac continues to bear beautiful fruit. When you thought last year’s ‘Patience Of A Traitor’ album would be enough to keep you going for a while, here comes their latest release: ‘A Vow Not To Read’. These guys are keeping the momentum going and showing no signs of slowing down (there’s a new LP coming in October). The five tracks on this album each have their own unique tempo. It starts with the calm and beatless opening track, ‘A Vow Not To Read’. Then we move on to the faster hip-hop vibes of ‘Wali’, which features samples inspired by Shia Mourners. Finally, there’s the spaced-out and slow-mo groove of ‘Mother I Couldn’t Sleep’, where Aquiles Navarro takes over with his trumpet skills. Well recommended.


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