sneaky jesus share second single from forthcoming new album

With a unique style, sneaky jesus is a vital part of the Polish jazz scene. The quartet of Matylda Gerber (sax), Maciej Forreiter (guitar), Filip Baczyński (drums) and Beniamin Łasiewicki (bass) are revving up to release their second album. Entitled ‘For Chaching Taphed’ on London’s Shapes of Rhythm label. We’ve already heard the raw and dubby lead single ‘Krztusiec’ (eng. ‘Whooping Cough’). With the second fiery and electrifying single, ‘Chiński Sprzedawca Smażonych Kasztanów” (eng. ‘Chinese Roasted Chestnut Seller’), the quartet gives another glimpse of what will come. You can listen to it below.


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