Between The Cracks: New & Notable Releases That Need Your Attention

Welcome to your latest Between The Cracks round-up. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our selections below, click the links and support the artists.


John Carroll Kirby – Blowout

LA’s finest returns with yet another offering following the release of two albums last year. It continues his love of exploring creative musical avenues. On the album, John Carroll Kirby dives deep into lush jazz funk waters influenced by his recent travels in Costa Rico. Another quality release all round.


Joe Armon-Jones and Maxwell Owin – Archetype

When Joe Armon-Jones and Maxwell Owin collaborate, it’s pure magic. We love their work, but when they join forces, something extraordinary happens. It’s a musical masterpiece! Their second collaborative effort Archetype is a mix of jazz, electronic, dub, jungle, soul and hip-hop, drawing inspiration from their respective backgrounds as jazz musicians and producers. Across ten tracks, we find them experimenting with unconventional sounds and textures, creating a distinct and captivating sonic landscape. The EP features a wide array of guest artists, including Mala, Fatima, Maysia Osu, Lex Amor and O The Ghost. 


Error Subcutáneo. – Temporada Cicl​​​ó​​​nica

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Error Subcutáneo is quickly becoming a force in the electronic free jazz scene, merging hip-hop, modular electronics, psych rock, island syncretism, and bebop to create an incredibly eclectic sound. ‘Temporada Ciclónica’ showcases the duo’s flair and wildness as they deliver an album that pushes the boundaries of traditional music by incorporating unconventional sounds, techniques, and concepts. The duo’s willingness to explore unfamiliar and uncharted territories results in a challenging and thought-provoking 27 minutes of music.


Anysia Kym and Jadasea – Pressure Sensitive

Anysia Kym & Jadasea connect the dots between the burgeoning underground hip-hop and electronic scenes in London and NYC. On their collaborative album, the pair draw from the past, specifically black British and American culture in the 90s, with the sounds of rave music, jungle and samples taken from R&B classics lacing their experimental soundscapes. Although the tracks are hectic, they are still easily accessible. The energy is infectious. Overall, Pressure Sensitive is a fascinating and challenging album that rewards listeners willing to explore new and unconventional sounds.


Rahill – Flowers At Your Feet

 Iranian-American singer/songwriter Rahill recently shared her dazzling new album on Ninja Tune’s Big Dada Records. The New York-based artist, also known for her eclecticism behind the decks, sprinkles those varied influences across the album. Abley, assisted by producer Alex Epton (FKA Twigs, Arca), ‘Flowers At Your Feet’ is pop music with an experimental edge. The album fuses jazz, alt-rock and hip-hop. It’s an ambitious and forward-thinking record that’s as focused on the sounds as it is on the themes. It’s an exquisite, daring and highly-crafted piece of work.


Rudy De Anda – Closet Botanist

Whenever Rudy De Anda releases brand-new music, we instantly fall in love with his beautifully-crafted pop songs again. That’s precisely the case with his latest offering, ‘Closet Botanist’, somewhat of a departure from Rudy’s beachy, psych-rock roots, which takes cues from The Velvet Underground and The Kinks for inspiration. The result is a dreamy, nostalgic journey filled with subtle nuances and delicate layers of instrumentation. His distinctive, soothing tones tie it together, making it a worthy addition to Rudy’s impressive discography.


Echoes of Zoo – Speech Of Species

Following their acclaimed debut, ‘BREAKOUT’ (2021), Echoes of Zoo’s new album further deepens their eclectic psychedelic jazz sound. Still packed with sonic energy and a fair amount of punk and dub flavours, the quartet blends in a wide range of Middle-Eastern and Balkan sounds, microtonal scales and a host of creative rhythmic experiments based on Brazilian and West African grooves. Their second album is just as impressive as their debut but stands out even more with its clever blend of styles.



feeo – Ah, Hunger

This 4-track release from London artist feeo will freshen up your Friday. With a focus on the ambient end of folk music, feeo rejects mainstream music conventions, and over four songs, you’ll hear unconventional sounds, structures, and lyrical themes. Definitely, someone who is going places in the music world! Top track: Iris.


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