‘When The Poems Do What They Do’ Unravels The Innermost Desires

Aja Monet’s ‘When The Poems Do What They Do’ is a powerful yet enchanting exploration of the inner psyche. Telling a tale of continuous self-discovery that unlocks an even deeper understanding of the self, Aja beautifully delivers poetry that speaks to each and every listener—beckoning willful ears to discover their own tales and unleash the inner workings of their own minds.

To desire is to become human. When The Poems Do What They Do perfectly captures the person’s endless pursuit of happiness, love, and satisfaction, which some people do end up chasing for the rest of their lives. The constant quest for completion and recognition of an end goal is a double-edged sword that gives hope or spells doom.

This internal conflict and chase are perhaps one of the many intricate reflections the album tries to convey to its listeners. And being Aja’s debut album, When The Poem Do What They Do, is definitely a breakthrough and a testament to its maker’s creative limits and potential.

A lyricist, activist, and poet hailing from New York, Aja Monet has always been at the forefront of an ongoing struggle for equality and social justice. Conveying her advocacies through masterful storytelling that captures the essence of her beliefs, every piece on her latest LP is a work of art that continues to unfold its mysteries as time passes.

Essentially, each track on When The Poems Do What They Do tells a story that listeners can interpret and relate to their own experiences. Showcasing an aura of surrealism, the album is filled with tracks that flaunt the powerfully charged delivery of Aja.

The poems in the album convey the same gravitational presence that Aja has been known for. Starting off with the song ‘i am’, the track immediately welcomes its listeners with a resounding percussion number that escalates into a deafening crescendo, harkening to the commencement of a tale of sublime lyricism with themes of individuality.

Followed by songs such as ‘why my love?’ and ‘black joy’, the album doesn’t bide its time in splashing a flavour of jazz into the mix with more themes exploring social justice and romance thrown into the discussion.

Exciting twists and turns occur in the album with songs such as ‘unhurt’, which mellows down the tempo of the LP into a smooth and sombre blues melody accompanied by poetry that delves into discussions of existentialism.

The album once again takes listeners on a ride, ‘what makes you feel loved’ and ‘yemaya’ echo the constant themes that Aja wishes to communicate. Namely, ‘castaway’ and ‘give thanks’ pull back their punches as if to announce the coming resolution of When The Poems Do What They Do.

Finally, the album concludes with an instrumental track called ‘for the kids who live’. A work of art riddled with Aja’s personal themes and beliefs, there is power in her poetry. The album perfectly contains the dedication and commitment that Aja has stayed true for ages.

When The Poems Do What They Do provides an allure of honesty and a rawness of emotions that makes listeners effortlessly relate to the album. A beautiful tale from start to finish, When The Poems Do What They Do encourages self-reflection and a naked unravelling of inner desires.

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