Hania Rani announces her third album, Ghosts

Hania Rani has been making waves ever since she released ‘Esja’, a collection of solo piano pieces for Gondwana Records in 2019.

Her range has evolved over the years with the release of her second album, ‘Home’, which saw Rani incorporating vocals and subtle electronic sounds into her music. She also enlisted the help of bassist Ziemowit Klimek and drummer Wojtek Warmijak on some of the tracks. The 10-track recording includes special guests Patrick Watson, Ólafur Arnalds and Duncan Bellamy.

‘Dancing With Ghosts’, the lead single from her upcoming third album, ‘Ghost,’ is a spellbinding offering that sees Rani expand her sound further. It’s a showcase of her ethereal and calming songwriting style. The track builds around her bewitching vocal presence alongside Patrick Watson’s hushed tones, intertwined with delicate piano melodies.

The 13-track recording also includes guest appearances from Ólafur Arnalds and Duncan Bellamy.

‘Ghost ‘will see the light of day on October 6th. Pre-order the 12″ vinyl version, CD or digital download via the link below.

With “Ghosts” I wanted to start something from scratch, picking tools and stories I was not familiar with, but which felt dear to me. “Ghosts” is a story about life and death, light and darkness, real and unreal. It’s an attempt to touch ultimate qualities and craft my own mythologies; to face fears, take a deep dive into things that scare me but also seduce me subconsciously. “Ghosts” collects all of these things together, mixing the past, present and the future into a new sound of mine.


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

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