Twistedsoul Monday Mix #421

Photo by Neil Bates.

Get ready for a diverse audio experience with our ‘Monday Mix’ featuring a blend of genres, including nu jazz, cinematic soul, deep house, reggae, and electronic. Incredible music is abundant from artists like Tour-Maubourg, Jon Sable, Matthieu Faubourg, The Offline and Sven Wunder. Happy Mondays.

1. FOXTROTT – A Path To You
2. Jaze Baqti – Rock Breaker
3. Ced Benglez – Massive Virus Peak (Andi Otto Remix)
4. Tour-Maubourg – Interdub
5. Jon Sable – Ascension Island
6. Matthieu Faubourg – Asleep
7. Syd Jones & The Troubadours – Cordova
8. Ash Walker – Automaton ft. Oscar Jerome & Joe Armon-Jones
9. The Offline – Le Club
10. Sven Wunder – Easy Going

Love this mix. Why not try this one?

CF Smith

Permeating your ears with good music.

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