Finding Inner Peace And Solitude With Valia Calda’s ‘Homeland’

Yet another valuable contribution to contemporary music has been made with the release of ‘Homeland’, an LP from Valia Calda, an experimental psych-jazz band based in London. From the album’s title, Homeland explores the feelings of isolation and being removed — both physically and emotionally — from one’s homeplace.

Starting a new life away from the comforts of a place once known as home is tough. The feelings and emotions during this phase can be tough to navigate. And this confusion and conflict are exactly what Valia Calda dissects with their newest release.

One might also assume that Homeland is a beautiful tribute to those who have gone through the same experiences in life. And while the journey ahead is not easy, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The intelligent crafting of the album as it beautifully weaves together its jazzy essence with somber undertones, is one for the books.

Homeland is not just a spontaneous artistic venture; in fact, the album is rooted in real-time events in the form of the experiences that the band’s founders — Nikos and Thodoris Ziarkas — had to go through when they left their home country of Greece in search of greener pastures, an opportunity they found in London.

In 2013, as they tried their luck in the bustling city, the Ziarkas brothers decided to form Valia Calda. This choice eventually led to a unique psychedelic jazz flavour to their music that stands out among the rest. As Valia Calda’s career progressed, they were able to unleash their musical talents and capability to delve deep into the inner intricacies of the soul to bring forth raw and unfiltered emotions into their musicality that is as powerful as it gets.

Homeland is the latest work of art that Valia Calda has come up with as they continue to serenade listeners with their knack for blending together each of their individual strengths into a cohesive melody that is both complex and easy on the ears.

Similar to the Greeks of all generations, past and present, the Ziarkas siblings set out for more opportunities abroad in order to find their lives’ purpose. But the nostalgic feel of traditional Greek folk songs and other related themes have seamlessly carried over to Homeland.

Tracks such as the first song on the album ‘Kostelio’ and ‘Nostalgia and Isolation’ carry the melancholy harmonies that Homeland conveys. Songs such as ‘Deep Cave in The Mountain’ and ‘Stalker’ possess the album’s more upbeat and charged vibes.

The power of the album peaks with the title track. The beauty of the LP carries listeners on a wonderful musical ride that culminates with ‘But in The End We’ll Be Together’ — a beautiful serenade that wraps up Homeland.

From start to finish, the album is ridden with different musical styles. Homeland has several influences that all mesh together to create a musical serenity that impactfully unites all the tones and melodies in a creative output that speaks to the soul.

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