NaraBara -Üher (The Cows) ( TS Premiere)

With cues from Mongolian folk, traditional acoustic instruments, jazz and electronic music and armed with improvised ideas, a killer rhythm section and unique vocals, NaraBara stride confidently – it’s the perfect way to end the week!

We rarely hear these elements of music together, but NaraBara wants to change that. The band was born when Yider, a Mongol musician, created the NaraBara project with keyboardist Asr, his long-time friend and collaborator. Hohhot was their three-month “retreat” location, where they worked on songwriting and polishing the songs’ general framework. The lineup is completed by ErDàn on bass and Zhitonong Xu on drums.

Late last month, the quartet announced their arrival with ‘Üg Hürhgüi Gazar (The Silent Land)’, a divine gem that cut through with its West African and Inner Mongolia influences; Guembri looped upon drums, and double bass, with a tinge of Morin Khuur. Today sees the release of their second single, ‘Üher (The Cows)’. You can watch the track’s accompanying live music video. The clip sees NaraBara perform the track, and their infectious energy keeps you hooked.

With their upcoming debut album, they aim to push the boundaries defined by conventional genres. Hamt Zamin Hümüs is an organic dialogue between Mongolian folk tunes and contemporary musical language. The album showcases the band members’ appreciation for world music’s cross-cultural sounds. Morin khuur, the Mongolian instrument that shares a deep kinship with the band members who studied it professionally, shape the melodic texture of the album along with other traditional string instruments collected from around the world, including the guembri, ngoni, and kora.

Music lovers who appreciate innovative and daring compositions will find great pleasure in the distinctive sound of NaraBara.

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