New music from Germany based, Mongolian singer Enji

Photo by Hanne Kaunicnik.
Photo by Hanne Kaunicnik

A new week and an all-new favourite track. This week is Enji and her introspective, brooding jazz number ‘Taivshral’. It’s her first piece of music since the 2021 album Ursgal. However, she released an excellent collaboration with Simon Popp last year, which is worth a listen.

Sung in Enji’s Mongolian mother tongue, every syllable is perfectly woven into clarinet, double bass, guitar and drums. With the title translating to Relief, the song touches on themes of dealing with others’ opinions about yourself. It also touches on trying to get away from it all to focus on being true to yourself.

Enji’s music is brought to life in the studio with the help of her longtime musical partners, guitarist Paul Brändle and bass player Munguntovch Tsolmonbayar. Joining them are renowned jazz drummer Mariá Portugal, clarinet player Joana Queiroz, and Matthias Lindermayr on trumpet.

‘Taivshral’ is an exquisite piece of art that captures the charming atmosphere of Enji’s music. The music evokes genuine emotions while also exploring new creative frontiers in jazz.

It’s a perfect song to start the day with, as it’s sure to put anyone in the right mood. Enji, welcome back! We can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next!

‘What am I expecting so excitedly?
Why can’t I just stay here?
An enchanted voice sounds from somewhere
Somehow i/we obviously want to believe in word that is dressed in white
The soon-to-be-moving wind hastens terribly in the spring sky
But I’ll stay here,
Just as I am, even though it should be a short stay’

translation of a part of ‘Taivshral’
CF Smith

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