Heavyweight dub, jazz, and post punk all meet on Holy Tongue’s debut LP

Holy Tongue is a musical project that combines various genres and styles, including a mix of dub, jazz, post-punk, and techno, resulting in an unusual and unconventional sound. The band’s debut album is a ten-track journey through sonic experimentation, with each track evolving and building on the previous one. It features stunning performances from band members, including Al Wootton, Valentina Magaletti, and Susumu Mukai.

The trio’s dynamic and experimental approach to music is an ambitious exploration of musical possibilities and a testament to their creative force. On Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare, the trio present their most focused work yet, fully exploring their diverse influences. From the opening Andalusian catholic march to heavy basslines and psychedelic dubwise FX, everything comes together to form a powerful cosmic brew set at a sonic level that is impossible to ignore.

It’s like a chef carefully constructing a delicious meal where all the ingredients work together to create something special – each individual flavour adds something unique, but the end result is much more than the sum of its parts.

Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare significantly emphasises drums, highlighting Magaletti’s reputation as one of the most innovative and sought-after percussionists in the UK alternative music scene. Her drums offer an exhilarating invitation to the undiscovered sonic territory. After three incredible EPs, you may think they might stick with the tried and tested. However, the trio has enhanced their musical range by incorporating a variety of new sounds into their repertoire. Using obscure and unusual instrumentation and slow-burning orchestral passages, this music seamlessly combines electronic sounds with natural, organic elements. Steve Beresford, Abraham Parker, and David Wootton add extra interest with their guest appearances on prepared piano and brass instruments.

This album will rank highly on my list at the end of the year.

CF Smith

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