Between The Cracks: New & Notable Albums That Need Your Attention

Welcome to your latest Between The Cracks round-up. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our selections below, and remember it’s Bandcamp Friday, so today you can put your ££££ directly into the pockets of artists and labels.


Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations – I Came From Love

Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations is the name of the latest project by musical polymath Dave Okumu. It’s a creative collaboration between Okumu and his ancestors and successors, drawing from an extensive lineage of Black experience. The album features top-draw collaborations with Eska, Kwabs, Anthony Joseph, and Grace Jones and explores themes like the slave ship’s crossing and the 1981 New Cross fire, which killed 13 black teenagers during a party. I Came For Love honours Black music and the influential artists who have contributed to its expansive range, including afrobeat, jazz, hip-hop, and soul. It is a tribute to the resilience and power of the African diaspora and its influence on the world.


Bandler Ching – Coaxial

A world away from Ambroos De Schepper’s work with Kosmo Sound, Azmari and Mos Ensemble. His new endeavour under the guise of Bandler Ching is a stunning blend of electronic, trap, hip-hop, global beats, and contemporary jazz. The album flawlessly weaves these diverse musical elements with intricate arrangements and dynamic performances. From the pulsing rhythms of tracks like ‘Awpril’ to the enticing ‘Dag na Naamdag’ and the bass-heavy freak out of ‘RoodGroen’, the album showcases the band’s impressive range and versatility. ‘Coaxial’ is an exciting listening experience that will stir your soul and leave an imprint in your mind.


Dishwasher – Dishwasher

It’s no secret that Belgium is ripe with some of the most promising talents, and Dishwater is one of those jewels. That’s why it’s no surprise that the trio’s debut album keeps you hooked from start to finish. The jazz, not jazz trio navigates between various other styles, from electronic music to (Middle-) Eastern and Balkan music, dance, hip-hop and even metal. The trio’s live performances are intense and captivating, blending improvisation and composition, and they capture that dynamic and unpredictable musical experience across the album. Immerse yourself in the ever-changing sounds below!


schroothoop – MACADAM

Fancy some Ethiopian and Middle Eastern-inspired jazz made with heaps of garbage. Belgian junk jazz trio schroothoop, explores the vast sounds of discarded objects found on Brussels Macadam streets. Their unique music style incorporates found objects such as wooden crates, PVC pipes, scrap metal, and other street debris. Through the imaginative use of these items, MACADAM is a place where the forgotten can live and breathe. It is also where you can discover beauty in the abandoned and overlooked. Unique, individual and highly original


Scotch Rolex and Shackleton – Death by Tickling

The explorative duo of Scotch Rolex and Shackleton have released a collaborative album called ‘Death by Tickling’ under the new label Silver Triplet. Wonderfully odd and decidedly different, the album features ten tracks that mix Rolex’s surrealist punk ethos with Shackleton’s bass-heavy psychedelia – one for the dub heads, the bass heads, the electronic heads, and the trance heads.


Jan Van Angelopoulos – Fotis Siotas – Folks Nowadays

Experimental instrumental music inspired by North Greek folk from long-time collaborators, drummer Jan Van Angelopoulos and violinist Fotis Siotas. Folks Nowadays has a refreshing musical style, with the two musicians filtering traditional Greek rhythms and melodies. Taking them from familiar to unexpected, they bring new meaning. The interplay between violin and drums is a beautiful thing to witness. It’s clear these two have been able to learn from each other, creating a bond that goes far beyond the music itself. So, take a moment to explore this musical conversation by pressing play.


London Brew – London Brew

Hot and fresh jazz is coming from the UK capital from London Brew. An array of the finest talents from London Jazz’s thriving scene make up the project. Shabaka Hutchings, Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Benji B, Dave Okumu, and Tom Skinner are among the notables involved. In case the name didn’t tip you off, it is a re-imagining of Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ that channels the spirit of that masterpiece. As individual artists in their own rights, their discographies attest to their talents and enrich the sound. The result is vibrant, energising, challenging and transcendent music that will delight jazz heads old and new.


Lionmilk – Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222

Using loops, sketches, improvisations, and voice memos recorded directly to a cassette tape, Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 flows effortlessly — a jazzy, lo-fi meditation on compassion. It’s a journey that moves through experimental soundscapes, fleeting moments of serenity, and moments of unrestrained joy without ever losing its sense of flow. Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222 is an album that captures the beauty of the moment and the life of a journey.


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