Twistedsoul Presents: Blue-In-Green:RADIO Guest Mix ~ Kai Meara

We’re proud to unveil another episode of our collaborative project with Twistedsoul, which sees Colin Smith curate a set of monthly guest shows and mixes with new episodes unveiled on the first Monday of every month. This month’s sensational installment introduces some fantastic selections courtesy of beatmaker and producer Kai Meara.

Currently soaking up plaudits from his ‘Statik’ project released in March of this year through XVI Records, Kai Meara’s indelible touch continually showcases his ability to invite listeners on sublime sonic journeys. Skilfully creating pieces of music that interweave varying musical styles from cinematic broken beat to spiritual jazz, Meara’s music resonates like introspective and meditative offerings that are beautifully put together.

Today’s phenomenal mix continues that far-reaching scope as described by Meara himself:

“This mix is a collection of pieces I constantly find myself coming back to on any occasion. Influences and desert island discs put me in that sonic space of being lost somewhere in the haze. There are some samples thrown in-between spaces to get the flow right and make sure all the dots connect. Hope you enjoy the journey!”

A massive thanks again to Colin Smith and Twistedsoul for this fantastic gift, and please check the Twistedsoul radio show that airs Thursdays at 10 pm, exclusive to Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

Imran Mirza

I love discovering something I've never heard before and sharing that feeling with like-minded people who embrace the music in the same way. You're welcome to join me on more of my musical misadventures on Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

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