Guest Playlist: Alex Figueira

Alex Figueira has generously created a guest playlist filled with diverse influences following the release of his debut solo album.

Known as “the hardest working man in tropical music,” he showcases his unparalleled musicianship, creativity, and DIY ethos on ‘Mentallogenic’, which he recorded in just nine days. The achievement of recording, producing, and mixing this stunning album in such a short space of time is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent involved in the process. Figueira’s first full-length album blends African, Caribbean, and Latin rhythms with classic soul, funk, and psychedelic sounds, creating a captivating musical experience.

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You can tell Figueira has deep knowledge as a record collector and musician. Each track he creates has his unique blend of obscure and classic genres, making for a sound that’s all his own.

With this in mind, we asked him to put together a playlist that could give us a better understanding of the music maker’s personality. The result is an in-depth collection of forty-three tracks that explore the many ingredients that make up ‘Mentallogenic’.

Press the play button and settle in for a kaleidoscopic listening experience.

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