Twistedsoul on Blue-In-Green:RADIO 13.04.23

It’s another 60 minutes full of diverse transmissions. We’re saturating the airwaves with quality music, including new releases from LILAMORS, Ursa Major Moving Group, Natural Information Society, and Yoni Mayraz. Aside from that, Troth gives us two superb tracks as part of our Album Of The Week. You won’t want to miss this episode!


1. LILAMORS – Home
2. Ursa Major Moving Group — Welcome To The Noosphere
3. Natural Information Society – Stigmergy
4. Mestizo – Arroyo ft. N. Hardem & Shantéh
5. James Holden – Trust Your Feet
6. Zima Stulecia – Odśnieżanie
7. Yoni Mayraz – The Master Wore a White Robe
8. Qwalia – Haven’t You Heard
9. Troth – Forget The Curse
10. Troth – Flora
11. Tara Clerkin Trio – Gold Bar

CF Smith

Permeating your ears with good music.

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