Between The Cracks: Essential Releases From Across The Musical Landscape

Welcome to our latest ‘Between The Cracks’. You can read a bit about each album and play it on the website via the Bandcamp player. We hope you find something you like and discover new and old artists. Enjoy!


Caixa Cubo – Agôra 

A lovely eclectic brew of cosmic keys à la 70’s Herbie Hancock and Brazilian groove à la 80’s Gilberto Gil augmented by some exquisite vocals makes this new album by jazz trio Caixa Cubo an absolute joy. The flawless balance between these influences creates a unique sound that captivates the listener from the first few notes. The intricate grooves and melodies of the songs on Agôra make it a must-listen, and it will surely delight fans of jazz, funk, nu-soul and Brazilian music alike. Like a summer breeze, bringing warmth and comfort with its uplifting melodies and energising rhythms, it will make you feel like the sun is shining down on you.


Bala Desejo – Sim Sim Sim

Brilliant piece of Brazilian music by Bala Desejo. A band at the forefront of Rio de Janeiro’s artistic renaissance. Their nostalgic yet catchy avant-garde sound combines influences from Brazilian 60s Tropicália, 70s psychedelia, and MPB. Their music is characterised by a warm feel, shifting between soft acoustic guitar, airy percussion, and silken tones that will melt your heart. Some standouts are ‘Baile De Máscaras (Recarnaval)’, ‘Lua Comanche’, ‘Nesse Sofa’, ‘Dourado Dourado’, ‘Muito So’, and the title cut. Bala Desejo is a pioneering force for the new wave of Brazilian music.


Dwight Trible – Ancient Future

American jazz vocalist and nominal godfather of the modern Los Angeles jazz scene, Dwight Trible, drops his eighth studio album ‘Ancient Future’Across the album, he collaborates with a variety of artists, including Kamasi Washington, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Megashia Jackson, John Beasley and more. There is plenty of jazz and funk vibes on this album, and of course, Trible’s tones always make for a compelling listen. 


Lonnie Holley – Oh Me Oh My

It’s pretty amazing that Lonnie Holley only started his musical journey at the grand old age of fifty-six. Fast forward 16 years and seven albums later, and the 73-year-old has made his most ambitious and approachable album yet. An album that shows how far Holley has evolved from his lo-fi folk beginnings. It is an addictive, soothing, funky and superbly performed collection of highs and lows, an album that will soothe the heart and soul with its tender passion and gentle melodies. Sit down and absorb the wonderful Oh Me Oh My.


Jonathan Bockelmann – Childish Mind

Guitarist Jonathan Bockelmann’s debut album is a collection of light, serene acoustic guitar vignettes. The album offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The melodies are soothing yet intricate, and the performance of Jonathan is captivating. It is an ideal soundtrack for relaxation or meditation. Fans of acoustic guitar music will love this album. It is an experience that will leave listeners feeling refreshed and inspired. Highly recommended.


North Americans – Long Cool World

Meditative and deeply affecting guitar work and warming pedal steel hum are the order of the day on this new North Americans album. Every track feels like a conversation that brings you closer to the artists. Its stories move slowly, inviting you in and making you feel like you belong. It’s one of those records that’s impossible to forget. Another lovely release we discovered on The Slow Music Movement website.


Virke – II

With Hovsjö 80, the trio of Billie Lindahl, Rickard Jäverling and Henrik von Euler had us in awe. Its minimal feel, crisp drum machines and arresting nostalgia were perfect. Their new album maintains a minimalist sense but a more expansive sound as Billie and Rickard strum gently on baritone guitars while Henrik gets busy on the drum machine, Mellotrone and accordion. I love how the tracks gradually build and begin to reveal their layers over time. You have to press play and listen to the magic unfold. 



Blue Season – Live Session 918

Blue Season’s debut work, ‘Live Session 918′, features four original instrumental jazz/ambient electronic compositions conceived, recorded, and captured live at The Music Gallery. The recordings capture the unique atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the musicians’ improvisations. With deft interplay from the ensemble, It is an intimate, meditative, and emotionally charged musical experience. 


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