BLKstar’s LaToya Kent & RA Washington announce new project Me:You

Photo by Nat Cherry

Yesterday, LaToya Kent & RA Washington of acclaimed Cleveland ensemble Mourning [A] BLKstar, announced their collaborative duo called Me:You, along with the project’s debut album, Field Tapes In Der Trash, set for release April 21 via American Dreams.

Along with the announcement comes the Nat Cherry-directed music video for ‘Crawl on yer belly’, which you can watch below. The track was produced by Jah Nada and Laura B, two of the band’s longtime collaborators. Me:You create a world of immersive sound through a fusion of drum beats, guitars, bass, synths, and tape loops.

‘Crawl on yer belly’ is an absolute beast of a track, and the accompanying video is as equally powerful.

On the project, Kent and Washington issued the following statement:

Sometimes you make something and it creates a buzz in the body, vibrating the cells.  When the words come and wrap around the sounds and the mouth expresses as the zone covers you.

Field Tapes in the Trash is a testament of its maker’s experience of analog, digital, grandma’s Saturday morning records spinning and leather Cadillac back seats stuck to the thighs. Angst that never let go amidst a world against brown skin coupled with praise of its musings and rapture.

See, when you feel it all, everything shows up in the story. The narrative wild and pulsing with its own blood. The stage a display of interpretation moving with those that witness it.

Presenting a piece that will wear in with time. A loop that will circle around and back again. And again and settle into it.

ME:YOU is her and him.

If he is the beat she is the heart. Together they stay alive as the nucleus of their mission to sound.

Can you stare into the sun?


Pre-order the 12″ black or clear vinyl version, cassette tape, or digital download here.

Field Tapes In Der Trash Tracklist:

1. Burns
2. Sun Zsu
3. Sugarmilk
4. the current history of blue
5. Crawl on yer belly
6. Antiquity
7. Dirt
8. Gimlet
9. Git Ready
10. Portabelly
11. Bell Jah interlude
12. Field Tapes in Der Trash



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