All-female micro-choir Alice prep new album

An unusual and charming new track from the all-female micro-choir Alice. ‘La fête nulle’ (a humorous story of ending up at a disappointing party) is a track that straddles the line between Maria Violenza’s quirkiness and Leoni Leoni’s subtly strange DIY pop sound.

It’s a delightfully toe-tapping yet subtle blend of intricate harmony and storytelling lyricism – a deep but deceptively minimal sound. Impish, whimsical, enchanting, and captivating are a few adjectives you could use when describing this intergenerational trio.

The Swiss group consists of mother and daughter Yvonne and Lisa Harder and Sarah André.

“Our music seeks to heal, even if it’s often tongue in cheek or outright funny. We sing our most direct and plain emotions since we want to connect with our audience’s feelings through our songs. At our concerts, we always have people who laugh and people who cry. We often laugh or cry ourselves while singing. It’s not a stance – it’s the real real thing.”

Yvonne Harder

‘‘La fête nulle’ is taken from their upcoming album L’oiseau Magnifique, which is due on March 3rd via Bongo Joe Records. Pre-order here.

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