Between The Cracks: Essential Releases From Across The Musical Landscape

Hello good people; we’re back with a new Between The Cracks selection. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Moin – Paste

Moin return with the follow-up to their well-received debut album ‘Moot!’. On ‘Paste’, the trio draws influences from alternative guitar music in its many forms, using electronic manipulations and sampling techniques to redefine its context, not settling on any one style but moving through them in search of new connections.


Agile Experiments – These Are Times For Mind And Spirit

These Are Times For Mind And Spirit is an album that shows the versatility of Dave De Rose’s Agile Experiments project. It is an addictive, hypnotic and superbly performed collection of twists and turns; an album with the right amount of ferocity and gentleness. Sit down and absorb the fantastic opening epic: An Appeal To Your Senses, and feel the powerful gravitational pull of their intricate soundworlds draw you in deeper and deeper. This is definitely worth a listen! Also, why not give the rest of DDR’s discography a try too? It’s all brilliant!


Kosmorama – Kosmorama

Do not skip down to the next review until you press play on this album – the latest offering from Kosmorama is here, and it’s beautiful. Everyone needs a dose of cosmic jazz in their life, and when it’s merged with trumpet, homemade DIY synths and samplers, it’s an even more intriguing proposition. Listen below as Kosmorama serenades you with eight improvised creations. This is simply magnificent! 


Other Lands – Archipelagos

Athens Of The North drops yet another premium musical product. Archipelagos by Other Lands is a belter of an album that stands toe-to-toe with the best jazz-laced ambient, Balearic and lo-fi indie vibes – ten tracks of lush sonics that capture your thoughts and take you on a journey. Plus, a superb cover, so all in all, the complete package. Don’t miss this album; it’s a must-have.


Hagop Tchaparian – Bolts

Unsurprisingly, this adventure in musical experimentation lands on Kieran Hebden’s Text Records. Encompassing ten tracks that travel across the borders of the electronic, house and techno universes, Tchaparian delivers a rich and rewarding listen. Getting to know Bolts has been an absolute pleasure, and there is still much more to discover.


SOYUZ (СОЮЗ) – Force of the Wind

Wow, just wow. Of all of our recommendations this week, Force of the Wind (​С​и​л​а в​е​т​р​а​) by СОЮЗ / SOYUZ should be at the top of your shopping list. Even now, after repeated listens, I am still in awe of how this Belarusian duo created what sounds like a classic Brazilian recording from the 70s. Hats off to SOYUZ and Mr Bongo for this album which ranks exceptionally high on my list of this year’s top ten releases.


The Zenmenn & John Moods – Hidden Gem

If ever an album was aptly named, it’s this one. There isn’t a lot of buzz about this hidden gem of an album. Hot on the heels of their fine debut for Music From Memory, Berlin-based band The Zenmenn hook up with songwriter and vocalist John Moods for a new outing on the Amsterdam label. Hidden Gem drifts between blue-eyed soul, ambient soundscapes, AOR and easy listening with some of the slickest melodies that stick with me. The Zenmenn’s signature smooth production wonderfully soundtracks a match made in heaven, Mood’s heartfelt vocals and songwriting. Incredibly beautiful.



Veronik – Anómala

Veronik’s haunting theremin album ‘Anómala’ is a melodic journey in which the instrument transforms into a musical voice. This peaceful experiment floats on psychedelic rock waters with a cinematic and moody soundscape that holds listeners’ attention. Anómala was self-released initially in Peru in 2017; now, Zel Zele presents its deserved re-release, featuring five additional tracks and its first-ever vinyl issue.



Srirajah Rockers – YHON​-​I

If Sade got down lovers style, it would sound like this gem from the Srirajah Rockers. Smooth like butter, sweet like chocolate, and we love it.


Burial – Streetlands

Burial wraps up the year with a follow-up to ANTIDAWN, and he blesses us with a sublime three-track EP ‘Streetlands.’ Perfect for the winter, this is one of those soothing offerings you want to listen to with a warm cup of your favourite beverage. 


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