Ishmael Ensemble return with healing new single ‘The Rebuke’

Bristol-based band Ishmael Ensemble return with ‘The Rebuke’, their first single since the release of the critically acclaimed second album ‘Visions of Light’.

The Rebuke is composed of 7 repeating lines written by band leader Pete Cunningham and singer Holysseus Fly, which became a great source of comfort and catharsis during the latter’s breast cancer treatment.

Using the drum & bass & jungle records, Pete played at local warehouse parties and quarry raves in his teenage years as inspiration for this track, an era he has yet to reference so explicitly.

On ‘The Rebuke’ singer Holysseus Fly says :

“The Rebuke is about calling on someone you love when you need help, and them doing everything they can to save you, like parent to child. I found great comfort and catharsis writing the words and imagining calling out for help during treatment for cancer, but also sharing feelings of anger about the injustice of it. In the last two lines I imagine myself lifted out of dangerous waters and placed in my future, with my future family. The big earth-shattering images are really what it felt like at the time, like life and death.”

Watch the Jack Lilley video above and purchase the new track on Bandcamp if you haven’t done so already.

Benny Toms

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