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Hello good people; welcome to your new Between The Cracks selection. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Nick Hakim – COMETA

Nick Hakim is back! His new album, COMETA, shows his sound continues to evolve as he continues to grow. On his third album, he delivers a back-to-back slow-burning gem featuring the likes of Helado Negro, Alex G, Arto Lindsay, and DJ Dahl.


Sam Gendel – Bluebird

From a makeshift studio built in a cabin floating atop a tributary of Oregon’s Columbia River comes the latest aural treat from LA maverick Sam Gendel. Bluebird’s opening song, “The Spanish Master,” is an apt entry point of what it is at its core. A fusion of atmospheric guitar melodies from Gendel and meandering sax lines with Craig Weinrib’s gentle but expressive drum work, this an album that repeatedly hits the mellow jazz sweet spot.


Rudi Creswick – Different Forms 

Rudi Creswick starts his evolution away from a respected session musician to an individual artist in his own right with his debut long player. Musically ‘Different Forms’ draws from various influences and styles. This album features a host of impressive collaborators, including Alfa Mist, Emmavie, Manny, Barney Artist, Chelsea Carmichael, BERWYN & more, resulting in an engaging and emotive listen.


Yako Trio – OdeSea

The exciting second album from Thessaloniki-based jazz band Yako Trio, which draws inspiration from classical composers such as C. Debussy, M. Ravel and B.Bartok “OdesSea” includes six original compositions that honour the Sea, wanderlust and the irresistible destiny of travellers…Nostos! The album was recorded in two stages, collaborating with Nicolas Masson (ECM) and James Wylie on the saxophone.


No Base Trio – NBT II

Based out of San Juan, No Base Trio is the union of alto saxophonist Jonathan Suazo, guitarist Gabriel Vicéns, and drummer Leonardo Osuna. The trio recently released their second album, NBT II, an effort channelling various influences ranging from jazz, ambient, rock, electronic, noise, and metal. The album, consisting of seven tracks, is both immersive and impressive for those who like to dabble in these genres. Featuring complex rhythms, free improvisation, and playful melodies full of energy and surprises, NBT’s sound is a kaleidoscopic one.


Rachika Nayar – Heaven Come Crashing

With her second album, the blazing composer Rachika Nayar has made her stance clear that she is here to stay. ‘Heaven Come Crashing’, is a teetering exploration of mesmerising electronics and widescreen cinematics combined with more organic mangled guitar stylings. Nayar’s willingness to push boundaries through experimentation makes her stand out from the competition. This Brooklyn-based newcomer is seriously one to watch!


Loraine James – Building Something Beautiful For Me

He may have passed away half a decade before Loraine James was even born, but minimalist composer Julius Eastman has always influenced James’ work. ‘Building Something Beautiful For Me’ is Loraine’s homage to the late icon’s work that reimagines some of his most loved compositions. There are many shades of emotion in this graceful and building album. Excellent work from James here. 


Bitchin Bajas – Bajascillators

This incredible band has been on its musical ride since 2010 and continues to make vivid psych soundscapes. Always unhurried, Bitchin Bajas likes to take their time surprising the listener with songs that develop over time but keep your interest. Bajascillators is an album you will repeatedly return to and discover more about in future rotations. 


Mabe Fratti – Se Ve Desde Aquí (It Is Seen From Here)

Guatemalan cellist and composer Mabe Fratti unveil Se Ve Desde Aquí (It Is Seen From Here) on Unheard of Hope. Se Ve Desde Aquí (‘It Is Seen From Here’) marks another step in a remarkable run of releases from Fratti. It is possibly her most revealing one to date, showcasing a sinuous and tensile sound coupled with a confident and clear-eyed worldview. Add it to the need-to-hear list.



Chloe Kim 김예지 – PSALM009: I Love and Embrace

South Korean artist Chloe Kim delivers a top-notch percussive workout. Four tracks feature on this brilliant new release from Brighton-based label Phantom Limb. Captivating from the start, Kim creates hypnotic soundscapes that immediately immerse the listener and leave them speechless. The drums range from wild to subtle to cool to driving on this superb EP. Tika-Taka on drums!


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