Guest Playlist: Grandamme

Grandamme is Claudia Kane and Bastien Keb. This Friday, 30th September, will see the duo release their debut album, Holy Mountain, on Def Pressé.

It’s a collection of tracks that combines Kane’s timeless songwriting and soulful voice with Keb’s dreamy orchestral production contrasting with 80s sci-fi synthesisers and lo-fi beats.

The duo’s music encompasses a wide range of influences, from David Axelrod, Kate Bush, Roy Orbison, Madlib and The Delfonics. They also draw inspiration from movies such as Thelma and Louise in ‘Big Escape’ (“It’s about finding that one person who completely understands you”), Palm Springs in ‘Poolside’, while the lyrics of ‘Holy Mountain’ take inspiration from the avant-garde 70’s movie of the same title as well as theories by psychotherapist Esther Perel.

“I generally got lost in movies and music as a teenager, which is where all my influences come from”

Bastien Keb

Ahead of the album’s release, Grandamme shares some musical inspirations. You can read their thoughts on the playlist below:

DJ Shadow – Midnight in Perfect World

As soon as it starts, it sets the most perfect scene, so mesmerising.

Angel Olsen – Lights Out

Love the vocal on this, little trembling in the voice. The track just sounds instantly familiar.

Broadcast – Tears in the Typing pool

Those harmonies and the mellotron so soothing creeped out and psyched out at the same time.

Phillip Glass – Koyaabusqatsi

It’s otherworldly, doesn’t sound like it was made by humans.

Exuma – Dambala

That chorus and that fucked up kick drum make the track just wonderful.

Cryin Shames – Please Stay

This is the greatest version of the greatest song ever written.

Lord Huron – I Lied

I’m making a claim this is the saddest song ever made. Whatever way you look at it is heartbreaking, and because of that I basically can’t listen to it ever again.

Cat Power – Metal Heart

Not a better song when you’re in a deserted supermarket car park in your car after dark, dimly lit by the street lights. Try it, dummy.

JD Beck and Domi featuring Anderson Paak – Take A Chance

For me it’s all about that chorus, Domi and JD singing together is so beautiful. Also it’s a proper great hook, and I think in a lot of modern jazz fusion stuff the vocal hook feels like an afterthought, whereas this is a real genuine great chorus melody.

Cocteau Twins – Summerhead

Liz Frazer’s been called the most celestial voice in music and this song certainly takes me on a journey to another place.

Pre-order Holy Mountain here.

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