Album: Time Wharp – Spiro World

One can never have enough of new music! Especially if it is as hypnotising as the album Spiro World by Kaye Loggins, aka Time Wharp. This album is beautifully outspoken but emotionally vulnerable as it generates many feelings. Loggins describes the album as “somatically profound experiences of derealisation, endocrinological mixolydian heaven and pharmaceutical hell on earth, and love letters to New York”.

The fast-rising star has captured a great middle ground between acoustic and electronic instruments with Spiro World. The album contains some of the most mesmerising tunes, and these eight rich pieces are delivered with playfulness, balancing the broad and vivid parts of her arrangements with minimalist rhythms.

Spiro World is an extraordinary album as it provides music beyond any genre’s limitations, making it perfect for any mood and situation; it offers something for everyone. The track ‘No Furniture’ plays with melodies and rhythms that no composer would ever think to mix, but Loggins’ song makes total sense. Across the entire album, little twists and turns in every one of the tracks make this album stand out in the crowd. Another interesting example is the song ‘Tezeta’, a mellow and atmospheric track that fuses restrained piano chords with delicate synth and clarinet notes, instantly evoking a sense of place. Spiro World is an album full of surprises and treats for the listener. Every single song has something new and different to offer in the best and most unique way possible. 

After listening to these expressive and euphonious tracks, your ears will tingle for hours. 


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

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