Enver Göyken – Ozan Side A (TS Premiere)

South London-based producer, beatmaker and DJ Enver Göyken, aka Body Moves, made his debut beat tape Cariño in 2017. Shapes of Rhythm, the label he founded with friend and fellow DJ Tom Central, released the 30-minute project.

We’ve shared quite a few Shapes Of Rhythm releases with you in the past few years. Do you remember the premiere of Gaijin Blues’ debut track ‘Puff-puff‘ from 2019? 

Today we’re sharing a super special one from the label because we’re lucky to be able to exclusively premiere side A of Göyken‘s new beat tape Ozan, dropping at the end of next month

Ozan (travelling wise poet in Turkish) examines the Turkish side of his heritage and birth name through 21 tracks. For most of Enver’s life, he didn’t have a relationship with his biological father, who was from Istanbul. To cope with the loss of his father in 2016, he was encouraged to explore Turkiye and its culture through his music passion as part of the grieving process.

“Amongst other things, my biological dad was a musician who first played a part in Turkish rock n roll history, and then as a producer who pioneered modern studio set ups in Turkey, so perhaps I was always going to be obsessed by music myself”

“As a beat maker, my dive into Turkish music inevitably led to identifying samples in the music I was digging into, and although it’s been quite a long process, it has resulted in this beat tape project coming together.”

Enver Göyken

Keeping with beat tape tradition, Ozan is released on white cassette (and digital) with extensive contextual and historical notes and is limited to 75 copies.

Take a listen below and grab the stunning limited edition tape here – be quick, though, because there won’t be many left!

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