Los Angeles duo OHMA to release debut LP Between All Things via Colorfield Records

Photo by Spencer Middleton.

Ahead of their debut album Between All Things on 9th September on Colorfield Records, OHMA is sharing the lead track ‘In Essence’.

‘The song combines earthy tones with sweet bass and flowing flute melodies that seem to float aloft on analogue synths that are subtle yet expansive simultaneously. Its mellow ambient jazz sonics makes it the perfect track to fall back into and relax.

In Essence, serves as a calling to the return of innocence. Beginning with emulated sounds of children running, the bass begins the melody of dance as chordal guitar begins to converse. Waves of flowing rhythms and wooden flutes urge us to access this present state that resides in all. It is a resurgence of the foundational aspect of human existence and an echo in the wake of presence. 

OHMA consist of Mia Garcia and Hailey Niswanger (primarily guitar and woodwinds), respectively, but both play an array of instruments across the LP with occasional help from labelmates Benny Bock and Abe Rounds.

As with other Colorfield releases, defining its genre is beside the point. The music of Between All Things is filled with elements of electric bass, deep synths, clarinets, vocal choirs, and processed spoken word.

Have a listen now and get a first taste of what to expect.

Between All Things Tracklisting:

1. Seeing Beyond What Is Here

2. Worlds Within Worlds

3. Between All Things

4. We Are

5. In Essence 

6. Organically Unfolding

7. Everything & Nothing

8. A Portal To All That Is

9. A Primordial Dance

10. And So It Is

11. Upon Arrival

Colorfield Records is a new label based out of Pete Min’s Lucy’s Meat Market Studio in LA. Colorfield artists are encouraged to compose in the studio, often playing instruments that they’re not accustomed to and relying as heavily on sound as on musicianship and composition. The process is designed to emphasise getting outside of comfort zones in order to increase spontaneity and exploration.

Between All Things releases on 9th September via Colorfield Records.

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