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With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. No lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki – On The Border

Across the eight pieces that make up On The Border, Tapani Rinne and Teho Majamäki are in sparkling form as metal percussion instruments meet woodwinds to create a calming listening experience that engages the listener. Put your feet up, tip your head back, and enjoy.


Liquid Saloon – On Took a Second

Liquid Saloon’s second album, Took a Second, shows the collective expanding outwards in every direction: grooves become deeper, rhythms become more complex, and sounds become more varied. Top draw fusion sounds such as West African highlife and Afro-beat, disco, New Orleans funk and more all come together on this quality excursion.


Hélène Vogelsinger – Patch Notes #001

The Vinyl Factory has released French composer and sound designer, Hélène Vogelsinger’s Patch, Notes performance on limited 12″. Two live recordings were captured as part of FACT’s Patch Note series, which promotes electronic music using hardware. Vogelsinger explores abandoned places to create immersive moments in her modular synthesiser compositions.


Leoni Leoni – Leoni Leoni

I’ve been a big fan of the work of Swiss/Bernese musician and producer Leoni Leoni for some time. It’s a few years since we featured her work, but Bongo Joe Records catapulted Leoni on our radar again with their vinyl collection that captures the best tracks from her four cassette releases. Salami Rose Joe Louis is our favourite, and if you dig the Bay Area-based musician, this is an artist you must check out. Just as quirky and with that DIY bedroom spirit, her music is slightly distorted but still has meticulous attention to detail, and the result is lovely. 


Pepe. – Escapism

Combining his love for labels like Money Sex Records and Tartelet Records and citing Madlib, D’Angelo, Ras G, and Jai Paul as inspirations, Pepe.’s sophomore album sees his creative verve in full effect, refusing to be pigeon-holed and not afraid to dabble in unfamiliar waters. Whether jazz, juke, dub or electronic, his music remains deftly unbound by any particular label.


Moor Mother – Jazz Codes

Camae Ayewa, aka Moor Mother, is back, and she’s not messing around. Jazz Codes’ is the eighth album from the prolific American poet, musician and activist. Free jazz principles are used to bridge the gap between hip-hop, soul, jazz, and blues in this companion piece to 2021’s Black Encyclopedia Of The Air. Frequent collaborator Olof Melander is on hand to help out with the production. Mary Lattimore, Akai Solo, Fatboi Sharif, Irreversible Entanglements, and Yungmorpheus all contributed to Jazz Codes. Arguably her best work to date, the album is an absolute blast from start to finish.



Toronto-based octet Eucalyptus released their sixth album back in May. The group led by Brodie West creates an eclectic mix of polyrhythmic percussion, laid-back jazz sweetness, various strains of psychedelic, and subtle exotica vibes. Out via Telephone Explosion Records


Carwyn Ellis – Across the Water

The sublime Carwyn Ellis has released a beautiful album in aid of the Oasis Centre for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Cardiff. With a stripped-back approach focusing mainly on vocals and piano, this new project is a world away from the Latin American jams with Rio 18. Lovely stuff.



Various Artists – Touching Bass presents: Soon Come

Over the past six years, Alex Rita and Errol have built a musical community that encompasses club nights, gigs, and a radio show on NTS that reflects the ethos of their Touching Bass family. The compilation features tracks by site faves Contour, Arnheim, Ego Ella May, Nala Sinephro, Clever Austin, Wu-Lu and more. There is no doubt that the music is excellent, as is the artwork by Rita, which combines moments gathered over the years of the artists. Catch the TB vibes below.



Holy Tongue – lll

“Holy Tongue“ comprises Al Wootton and Valentina Magaletti, a duo that plays a blend of shamanic, percussion-driven post-punk dub music. The result of an impromptu session in East London. As a duo, they are heavily influenced by dub reggae, invoking a mutual appreciation for experimental dub acts like On-U-Sound, Muslimgauze, and post-punk acts like Liquid Liquid and 23 Skidoo. On their forthcoming third EP, the pair exercise their deep and dubwise heavyweight sound from the high-energy dance-punk of ‘Spirit Mask’ to the meditative dub of ‘Rivers Cannot Wash It Away’. 


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