Album: Amanda Whiting – Lost in Abstraction

Having the power to touch people’s hearts and evoke feelings that they haven’t experienced before is what music does when done right. If you are looking for some heartfelt music to listen to, harpist Amanda Whiting‘s latest album’ Lost in Abstraction’, is the answer for you. Whiting’s album focuses on pondering and realising; the spiritual discoveries, the lighthearted curiosity, and the contemplative periods of loss. The talented Welsh artist dropped her debut album ‘After Dark’ about a year ago on Jazzman Records, and since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting her next step. We didn’t have to wait long as the sensational and euphonious follow-up is out, and it’s a magically inventive piece of modern jazz.

Ten beautiful tracks make up ‘Lost in Abstraction’, each with a profound meaning at its core. Its compositions are enchanting and enticing, blending harp sounds with hints of genres beyond the boundaries of traditional jazz. The music, even the more uptempo numbers, have an incredibly unique calmness that washes over you. Each composition maintains a classic tone while having a tasteful touch of modernity. Her work has proper fluidity, yet it is not an endless stream of sound. Whiting takes a broad style, giving listeners room to manoeuvre among the syncopated rhythms and waves. With the backing of a stellar ensemble consisting of Chip Wickham (flute), Aidan Thorne (bass), Jon Reynolds (drums) and Baldo Verdú (percussion), her concepts become celestial and mystical.

Moreover, Whiting’s music will dispel any fussiness. Nonetheless, it is neither fleeting nor unreal. The record vibrates with rhythmical impulses and the luxurious richness of an instrument so frequently associated with Ashby and Coltrane, leaving the listener lost in abstraction.

Here’s Whiting’s latest album for your ears to enjoy.

Twistedsoul Team

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