Album: Rosa Brunello – Sounds Like Freedom

Rosa Brunello, a daring Italian bassist and composer who dabbles in everything from progressive rock and jazz fusion to dub and experimental electronic music, has released a brilliant new studio album, Sounds Like Freedom, on Tommaso Cappellato’s new label Domanda Music.

This extraordinary eight-track album, recorded in Verona, Italy, in September 2021, is the outcome of unplanned riffs with a fantastic ensemble of artists who had never met or performed together before the session. The album features artists from far and wide, like UK jazz trumpeter Yazz Ahmed, Arabic experimental music pioneer Maurice Louca, and Italian drumming phenomenon Marco Frattini. The utterly improvised record takes in hypnotic bass lines, masterful trumpet notes, captivating drumming amidst atmospheric soundscapes, and Brunello’s bedrock bass grooves taking the listener on a spontaneously thrilling voyage. Brunello created the album to celebrate the freedom and the joy of sharing space and experiences with others; these themes are evident throughout the album.

There’s a touch of ingenuity behind every single instrument stroke. Once you start listening, you can’t help but be sucked into the psychedelic inclinations of the songs that sit perfectly placed on the album. Rosa Brunello has done an outstanding job on this project.

‘Sounds Like Freedom’ highlights the significance and beauty of connection and collaboration among forward-thinking artists, following a period when we were all separated. From the start to the final note, this is one of the highlights of 2022.

Check out the album down below.

Sounds Like Freedom is out now.

Benny Toms

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