Touching Bass unveil 22 track compilation, Soon Come

In July, Errol and Alex Rita’s Touching Bass will release a compilation called Soon Come. Starting in a small corner of South London, Touching Bass has grown into an international community with artists from around the world. Among the 22 tracks included in the compilation are tunes by Nala Sinephro & Lyle Barton, keiyaA, Contour, Wu-Lu, Clever Austin, Arnheim, Demae, Ben Hauke, Ego Ella May, and many others. Although the Touching Bass label launched in 2017 with a cassette mixtape called TB Afro Chronicles: Volume One, Soon Come is the label’s first official compilation.

Speaking to Resident Advisor Errol explains:

Soon Come is definitely our most ambitious project to date. “What started out as a small idea at the start of the pandemic really blossomed as we asked more heads to get involved and our aspirations grew. Now it’s 22 original tracks and really feels like a landmark moment where we’re informally introducing the wider scope of the label’s sound, direction and feeling—from ambient niceness to the eclectic spirit of our club night—as well as bigging up some of our most talented friends.”

He continued: “Up until this point, maybe people have assumed that we’re here solely to release home/horizontal listening music, but the soundsystem and dance floor energy runs deep in our veins. Me, Alex Rita and Sammseed spent a lot of time thinking about what we wanted the journey of the record to be, and the ‘day’ and ‘night’ theme was a natural response to that.”

This compilation exemplifies the creative spirit that drives Touching Bass as well as the need to nurture individuality, trust, and community

In preparation for the record, the label recently released a double-single from keiyaA (day) and Ben Hauke (night). The two tracks have the same high level of quality as everything they touch. The upcoming LP will undoubtedly be something special for fans of the movement.

Soon Come Tracklisting:


1. 10.4 ROG & Brother Portrait – The Lighthouse
2. Wu-Lu – Gooie
3. Hejira – You
4. Clever Austin – Hour 40
5. Alien & Kuzich – Took My Heart Away
6. Ego Ella May – Miss U
7. Clever Austin – Pablo’s Piano
8. keiyaA – Camille’s Daughter
9. Nala Sinephro & Lyle Barton – Ada
10. Nayiem – Dandelions
11. Lori – RoyalPine
12. Contour – Common Ground


1. Cowrie – Define My Freedom
2. Arnheim – Help Me Realise You (feat. Emm)
3. Melo-Zed – Ebodance (feat. Mary Cayenne-Elliott)
4. Blvck Spvde & DJ Harrison – Save A Little Seat
5. The Wach – Dream On Freedom
6. AshTreJinkins – Sunshine2Point0
7. Ben Hauke – Turn It On
8. Leaux – Wabi Sabi
9. Eun & Demae – Your Company
10. Molinaro – Dïs & Dissolve

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