Guest Playlist: TC & The Groove Family

Guest Playlist: TC & The Groove Gang

TC & The Groove Family deliver a stunning selection of “Banging tunes from all over the globe” to celebrate the release of their new track. With their upcoming debut album First Home, the Leeds-raised collective build on their early singles and last year’s remix EP. 

The mega talented Tom Excell (Onipa, Ego Ella May, Nerija) produced the 10-piece’s forthcoming record, which melds a diverse and international pool of influences with stories of friends returning to the city where they once came together to chant down the powers that be and share their sound with the world through a distinctive 2022 Leeds perspective.

First Home features a wealth of texture and atmosphere, their music moves seamlessly between highlife, Latin rhythms, UK jazz, grime, and beyond, while the lyrics tackle socially and politically-charged topics.

Lead track Bossfight captures a moment of collective anger against Brexit, racism, and hostile environment policies in the UK with its grime-like opening horn line and Pariss Elektra’s ear-catching vocals.

Head below to check the collective’s guest playlist which features a collection of music that encompasses the chaos and harmony of their eclectic tastes. From Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy via BADBADNOTGOOD to Burial they ask Which way next? Who knows….

Mam Yinne Wa: A celebration of a track makes you want to dance and smile, which to me captivates that TC energy…. The band are even called the Sounds of Joy.

New Ferrari: Absolute pocket, every individual part is simple yet adds so much to the whole. Something I’m super conscious of when writing with 10 people.

Maria Tambien: A groove family classic; I remember a period of time where Nik would be spinning this before every rehearsal. Some very rocksteady raccoon inspired guitar parts…

Yegelle Tezeta: Mystical dark Ethiopian jazz captures some of our spiritual elements, especially the sax. Also, the sample for “As we Enter” by Damian Marley and Nas which is a nod to our cross over between styles.

Charles Jr: Had to take it to Brazil for a moment and embrace some of the lush harmonic arrangements. This one also captures some of the chaos that reminds me of the groove family.

Sambassim: another family classic, played many times in many places. Drum and bass / Samba crossover? What more is there to say!

Love and Death: The Family theme tune… In my dreams of family feasts, this is the song that’s playing.

Tittle Tattle: One of the bands that began the exploration of influences. Truly a wild ride to have worked with Tom Excell after being such huge fans of Nubiyan Twist for many years.

Reading: Big up to our Worm Discs label mates Snazzback! This tune was rinsed when it came out. Many a skank was had to this at the gigs we’ve played together.

Mad Up: The legends themselves – K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade; this is one that’s been blasted on many a TC journey. It’s an influence in its rowdiness, and KOG are pioneers on the scene.

Chompys Paradise: A calmer number that better reminds me of our softer side. Emotional and captivating horn parts

Lite Spots: A Family dance floor filler, more Brazilian crossover magic, sampling Gal Costas “Pontos de Luz.”

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