Video: Širom – Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep

Amazing new track and video ‘Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep’ from Slovenian trio Širom

Taking the borderless, collective spirit of groups like Don Cherry’s Organic Music Society and Art Ensemble of Chicago and combining it into one transportive and kaleidoscope musical collection that makes boundless transitions from minimalist to expansive.

Ana Kravanja, Iztok Koren, and Samo Kutin make up the “imaginary folk” trio.

Twistedsoul -  Širom.

Bandmember Samo Kutin explains about the video: “Last summer I made static videos in the Soča, Nadiža, Dragonja (Slovenia) and Zrmanja (Croatia) rivers. I am fascinated by underwater life and the changes created by the river’s flow. When we tried to combine the four different river videos with our song “Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep”, we were surprised how well everything fit together.”

‘Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Liquified Throne of Simplicity which is out on 8th April and available to pre-order here

The Liquified Throne of Simplicity Tracklisting:

1. Wilted Superstition Engaged in Copulation
2. Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep
3. A Bluish Flickering
4. Prods the Fire with a Bone, Rolls over with a Snake
5. I Unveil a Peppercorn to See It Vanish

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