DJs Tahira & Tim Garcia curate new Afro Brazilian compilation

Musica Macondo offers eight Afro Brazilian tracks on the forthcoming compilation, Brasil Novo, extolling the rich and percussive legacy of black Brazil and Samba De Coco. The uplifting and never before released track, ‘O Bar’, by Dona Celia Conquista, can be heard below.

The comp was curated by DJs Tahira (Sao Paulo) and Musica Macondo founder Tim Garcia (London). The music takes in samba, candomblé, batuques, jazz, folk, and beyond with an eye to a more esoteric dancefloor.

Among the artists included are Caê, Dona Celia Coquista, Toró Instrumental, Renata Rosa, Alabe Ketujazz, Grupo Bongar, Xaxado Novo, and Ilú Obá De Min.

Brasil Nova is released May 13th; pre-order here.

Brasil Nova Tracklisting:

1. Caê – Bim Bim Bim
2. Dona Celia Coquista – O Bar
3. Toró Instrumental – Dunas
4. Renata Rosa – Laranjeira
5. Alabe Ketujazz – Opanije Xaxará
6. Grupo Bongar – Vento Corredor
7. Xaxado Novo – Pifanada
8. Ilú Obá De Min – Iansã

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