HAAi unveils debut album, Baby, We’re Ascending

HAAi has announced her debut album, ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’, along with the single ‘Bodies of Water’.

Among the artists who will appear on her debut album are Jon Hopkins, Moxie, Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, and spoken word poet and trans-visibility activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal.

Across the album’s 13 tracks, HAAI shifts from hardcore, echoey beats to sweeping, colourful synth lines and bright, warped vocal samples. Offering a wide selection of styles, you will find everything from techno to house to drum n bass to electro pop.

Speaking on the album, HAAi says: “Getting this album out of my head and computer was quite the cathartic experience. ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’ is a hyperactive journey that feels like a real reflection of who I am.

“I’m so proud of every second of it. Of all the experimentation as well as the collaborators. It was made with great love and care. I hope you enjoy.”

Take a deep dive into the refreshing ‘Bodies Of Water’ above

You can pre-order Baby, We’re Ascending in advance of its 27th May release here. Below are the artwork and tracklisting.

Baby, We’re Ascending Tracklisting:

1. Channels
2. Pigeon Barron
3. Bodies Of Water
4. Human Sound feat. Kai-Isaiah Jamal and Obi Franky
5. Louder Always Better
6. Biggest Mood Ever feat. Alexis Taylor
7. AM
8. FM
9. I’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately
10. Purple Jelly Disc feat. Obi Franky
11. Baby, We’re Ascending – with Jon Hopkins
12. Orca
13. Tardigrade

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