Alabaster DePlume shares new double single

Poet, singer, saxophonist, orator, and activist Alabaster DePlume has unveiled a new set of singles – an instrumental A-side entitled ‘Mrs Calamari’, followed by a mid-tempo freak-folk grooving B-side entitled ‘Who Is A Fool.’

Both tracks are lifted from his forthcoming album Gold, out April 1st via International Anthem, Lost Map and Total Refreshment Centre.

You can stream Who Is A Fool’ below.

In addition to the single, ‘Mrs Calamari’ is accompanied by a lovely video, which is the directorial debut of Dan “Danalogue” Leavers and was filmed on 8mm film. Danalogue says: “The film explores the archetypal hero’s journey, the symbolism of circles (transformation/death/life cycles). Mrs Calamari is represented as a squid goddess, a teaching of the ‘other’. It is essentially a story about growth and being guided by love. I felt strongly about the magical, organic sound of the music, recorded live and to analogue tape. This gave me inspiration to film on Super8, an antiquated format that holds within a mystery and timelessness.

You know what to do…

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