Reginald Omas Mamode IV announces fourth solo LP, Stand Strong

The fourth solo album from Reginald Omas Mamode IV will be released via Five Easy Pieces on 25th March 2022. It is a resolute, soulful, confident, sonically assured endeavour. In his unique process, sentiment and message, Reginald Omas Mamode IV speaks authentically of the struggles of the Afro Diaspora people, as well as the enslavement and colonization of his and others’ ancestors. In order to bring about a wider societal change, his modus operandi clearly focuses on peace, freedom and unity.

“Music, it’s a beautiful, spiritual and powerful thing,” says Reginald. “It transcends boundaries and cultures, brings people together, it can instigate the worst and the best in us.”

‘Stand Strong’ is a work concerned with the distaste for humanity’s responses to hierarchical systems which the ruling classes have fashioned, past abuses and the current economic and physical slave trade that affects us and our children’s future.

Listen to the title track below. I love the way it has a groovy and funky vibe over a smooth beat and the way the vocal delivery is ever so cool and laid-back.

Stand Strong will be released on 25th March digitally and on limited edition clear & black vinyl.

Benny Toms

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