Raw Tapes releasing TIGRIS’ third album, HOP HOP

TIGRIS has been blasting underground venues with ethio-influenced funk and jazz since the early 2010s. The quintet captures that electric force on their third LP, HOP HOP, out 20th April on Raw Tapes. Self-recording HOP HOP in their own studio, the band assembled infectious, tight tunes from sprawling polyrhythmic jams throughout 2019. The quintet consists of Ilan Smilan (guitar,) Oded Aloni and Itamar Katzir (percussion), Roei Hermon (keys) and Amir Sadot (bass). The five old friends got together in one room to record the eight songs that make up the upcoming album, pushing each other to dig deeper and shed expectations. “When we jam, we’re speaking,” says Sadot. “And suddenly, my hands are playing something I’ve never played before.” The lead track, DR. SCHMALTZ, is all sorts of fun thanks to its vibrant keys synths, playful percussion and solid basslines. Can’t wait to hear more from the album!

Pre-order the digital release via Bandcamp.

Benny Toms

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