Robbie Lee & Lea Bertucci announce Wind Bells Falls album on Telegraph Harp

Photo By Amy Mills.

Winds Bells Falls is the meeting between two of New York’s most unconventional musicians, sound artist Lea Bertucci and multi-everything instrumentalist Robbie Lee. The duo mix colourful free improv with musique concrete, sculpting experimental instrumental noise into a fascinating and even joyful encounter. On the album, Lee plays medieval and baroque woodwinds, celeste (bell keyboard), and tubular chimes, while Bertucci live-manipulates and mangles his playing, hands inside a reel-to-reel tape machine, transforming and regurgitating in real-time. The album begins with ‘Glitter And Gleam,’ where the magical sparkling tones of the warped celeste do just that. It is an unexpectedly cinematic opening, slowly building to a shimmering and even emotional peak, but that gives no hints about where the album goes next. The three pieces for tape and woodwinds are earthier and dirtier, clusters of noise that unfold like short stories. These pieces play with arcs of energy, the push and pull between Lee’s source sounds and Bertucci’s radical instant reimagining. The album is like a dream narrative, sometimes twisted and terrifying but often enchanted. The weekend is nearly upon us, but till then let ‘Glitter And Gleam’ soothe you through the rest of the day.

Wind Bells Fall will be released on 18th February on digital, CD and vinyl.

Benny Toms

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