‘Change Around’ by The Soul Sound Collective

‘Change Around’ marks the brand new single release from the UK-based Soul Sound Collective.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Craig Sims, along with long-time collaborator and bassist Tim Higgins, and guitarist Simon Lee, the collective can boast releases dating back to 2018 and their beautiful debut single, ‘Stay A While’. The Soul Sound Collective’s thrilling take on contemporary soul and the myriad of influences that permeate their distinctive blend of instrumental compositions appear to relish drawing inspiration from the likes of the sweet soul of Sade and the ’70s jazz-funk of Roy Ayers. The Soul Sound Collective have always openly worn their influences on their sleeve and it’s long served as part of their charm to fuse these varying styles into pieces that result in a very distinctive SSC signature.

And while instrumental pieces made up a lot of the group’s early releases, later releases featuring vocalists Mary Mycroft of Flyt, Kyra Simone and Steven Bamidele proved just how adept they were when incorporating others within their musical fold be it the nu-soul-esque single ‘Isn’t It All’ or the drum & bass-styled ‘Love is Real’ which served as an awesome reinvention of the music they had released up to that point. The evolution of their sound which uncovers as their releases expand is exciting to see as these subtle shifts in direction show a band continually looking to learn and encapsulate new energy and new sounds.

The sublime of noir jazz of current single, ‘Change Around’, features an excellent sax solo from Colin Watling alongside the second appearance of SSC founder, Craig Sims, tackling lead vocals following the previous single, ‘Shades of Blue’.

It’s another excellent offering from the Soul Sound Collective – their first of 2022 – and we look forward to more typically dynamic releases as the year progresses.

Imran Mirza

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