‘The Lost Recordings’ by Electric Conversation

‘The Lost Recordings’ is the latest release from Electric Conversation unveiled courtesy of Futuristica Music.

For fans of the revered projects by the Parisian quartet, news of this collection of lost recordings would have come with much excitement seeing as the last group album from Electric Conversation came as far back as nine years ago. Group members have continued to fly the EC flag since that time however via a series of well-received solo projects but, as the past projects verify, there’s a real magic with the combined forces of all EC members that is just incredibly hard to rival.

Having forged their friendship in the early-2000s, Oz, As Valet, LaNote and Gus La Temp quickly bonded over their shared musical passions and with each harbouring their own talents as prospective vocalists, DJs and beat-makers, making music as a unit was something that just came naturally to the foursome. And as the story goes, it was Electric Conversation opening for Silhouette Brown that led them to the attention of vocalist Deborah Jordan and subsequently to the hallowed halls of Futuristica Music.

The debut full-length album from the group would follow in 2007 entitled ‘Communication’. Featuring guest appearances from Deborah Jordan, Replife and Patricia Marx, listeners were instantly taken by the group’s incredible vision that was as much a tip of the hat to classic Jay Dee and Ummah-era productions as it was an inspired and somewhat-unexplored take on future soul. No less a masterpiece that still holds up as one of the greatest projects to bear the Futuristica logo. The group’s sophomore release would come five years later in 2013 making ‘Electric Conversation’ the group’s final album release.

While those post-break-up years saw the group members deliver some excellent solo albums that ranged from instrumental hip-hop releases, to beats-inspired neo-soul and more electronica-themed projects, the sad passing of founding member Oz proved to deliver the final blow and close the door to an official reunion ever happening.

…which brings us to 2022 and the reason that ‘The Lost Recordings’ holds so much significance.

Comprised of 16 tracks that pre-date the group’s ‘Communication’ debut, this is Electric Conversation at their rawest and their purest. Four music fans creating as kindred spirits and connecting the dots to what Electric Conversation would go on to become.

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