OOF – Métaphysique (feat. Mike Ladd) (TS Premiere)

After six years of hard work, this new track titled ‘Métaphysique’ is a tribute to life, to amazement and to encounter our inner soul. It sounds profound and cinematic thanks to an Asian trip-hop atmosphere, jazz drums and ethereal French choruses by OOF. Apotheosis comes from the solo guitar by Seb El Zin (Anarchist Republic of Bzzz/ Ithak), remembering the one of Eddie Hazel on Funkadelic track “Maggot Brain” (1970). US rapper Mike Ladd, a spoken word master, magnifies this prayer. Métaphysique is an invitation to cosmic meditation, deeply needed in these chaotic times. Be on the lookout for Oof’s first EP planned for this spring.

Métaphysique is out now. Buy here.

Benny Toms

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