Album: International Sangman – Death Roads & Spirit Ways

Here’s an artist shrouded in mystery whose mystical music only adds to the intrigue. It’s International Sangman, an experimental, drone dub project from an artist you need to hear.

Heightening our curiosity further, the press release notes, “Chasing after the herbs like Druids, a peppery Anansi with a pink balayage hurried by carrying a bunch of loose cables and heavy bulky bags. Mumbling something to herself, we believe she said: “Music is my name. I’m a dreamer.”, we followed her about but soon after lost her path. Walking our way back, a few of these cables were scattered amongst bushes and the mossy forest ground, we found a small cardboard box containing 4 or 5 cassettes. Most of them seemed to be unused, but one read “Death Roads &” on one side, and “Spirit Ways” on the other.”

The sound is stripped down, full of space, hiss, crackling and dynamic depth. A beautiful shimmering with analog wash and broken textures. Dirty and deep, breathing smoke like a living thing. 

Grab your headphones, find a quiet spot, and listen to this absorbing album, where you’ll discover traces of 90’s era Pole and Monolake right through to Jan Jelinek.

International Sangman’s Death Roads & Spirit Ways is out now via Second Thoughts and Ish Records. Buy here.

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