Nitai Hershkovits unveils new Imajin project

Following his collaborative project with KerenDun, jazz pianist and composer Nitai Hershkovits has announced a new solo project.

Going under the name Imajin, the self-titled release is coming out on the 26th of November via Raw Tapes. Lead track ‘Flygon Imajin’ is streaming below, and unlike his previous output, which features more organic sounds (piano, clarinet, and percussion), it also utilises electronic elements (synths and drum programming).

Imajin’s eleven tracks were crafted over the past two years, with Hershkovits recording and filming various sessions on social media, resulting in a unique workflow and sonic playfulness. It features an amazing lineup of musicians that include Jamael Dean, Sharada Shashidhar, Yogev Glusman and Yonatan Albalak.

Listen to the lead track below a check out the tracklist. Pre-order from Bandcamp.


1. Flygon Imajin 

2. Marbled Theme

3. Little Goes Unseen feat. Rejoicer

4. Jax Accord

5. Olieke

6. Movie’s Move

7. Earth Wait feat. Sharada Shashidhar & Jamael Dean

8. Shmulpiz

9. Soho Grandey

10. Rainbow Dome

11. Piotr’s Mayhem

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