King Champion Sounds unveil new album on Hive Mind Records

King Champion Sounds have a new album, ‘Between Two Worlds’, on the way.

The new album by the shifting Holland-based collective centred around Ajay Saggar and Oli Heffernan (University Challenged), GW Sok (The Ex), Mees Siderius, Holly Habstritt Gaal & Elsa van der Linden – is described as “an opportunity to exchange ideas. To be open-minded. To push boundaries and explore new worlds.” 

The thirteen-track record features guest appearances from Gerry Love, Mia Doi Todd, Sally Timms, Jon Langford, Janet Beveridge Bean and Marieke McKenna. Check out the video for the title track above.

Hive Mind Records will release Between Two Worlds on 22nd October. Pre-order from Bandcamp.



1. One Man Poem (vinyl only)

2. This Monday Friday (vinyl only)

3. Telemetry

4. I Am A Horse


5. Remembering Easby Abbey (w/ Mia Doi Todd)

6. Libra Libra Libra

7. I’m In Between Two Worlds (w/ Gerry Love)


8. Ngong Hills

9. Thou Hurricane (w/ Sally Timms)

10. Seasick (w/ Marieke McKenna)


11. City In Wait

12. Motto Grotto (vinyl only)

13. Bathus (w/ Ditmer Weertman)

Press notes: The core members have brought their different experiences into this rich new album that draws influence and inspiration from a dizzying range of sources – from ambient guitar experiments, noisy avant-rock workouts, golden-age indie, otherworldly folk inflections – and pulls them all together into a unique and coherent whole.

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