Twistedsoul on Blue-In-Green.RADIO 02.09.21

New music from across the spectrum including cuts from Awkward Corners, Edrix Puzzle, John Haycock, Scrimshire, Dos Santos, and many more. As always we drop two tracks from our Album Of The Week – Duval Timothy’s 2021 edition of Sen Am. Enjoy the show.


1. PACHYMAN – Destroy The Empire
2. Ayesha – Apsara Dub
3. Edrix Puzzle – Eris Fall
4. Kondi Band – It’s God’s World (So Don’t Do Bad) ft. Sweatson Klank
5. John Haycock – In A Bloopy Mood
6. Duval Timothy – Ball
7. Awkward Corners – Marshland Lullaby ft. Kitty Whitelaw
8. Duval Timothy – WhatsApp
9. Awkward Corners – Time to Clear Away Your Toys ft. Tamar Osborn
10. Scrimshire – The Pile ft. Cleveland Watkiss
11. Guess What – Lessons in Space-Jazz
12. Irreversible Entanglements – Open The Gates
13. Dos Santos – A Shot in the Dark
14. The Brkn Record – Lifeline ft. Zara McFarlane
15. Marco Woolf – Modus Operandi
16. Chris Dave – Caucasity

CF Smith

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