Mary Lattimore announces 2nd volume of collected works for Ghostly

 Mary Lattimore.
Photo by Rachael Pony Cassells.

Following her Silver Ladders LP release back in October, harpist Mary Lattimore has returned with her second archive compilation called Collected Pieces II via Ghostly.

Consisting of new and previously unreleased material, Bandcamp-only singles, and other obscurities from her recent archives, selections from both collections (Collected Pieces and Collected Pieces II) will appear on a dual-format vinyl release available early next year.

The lead single and one of the newest tracks in the set, ‘We Wave From Our Boats,’ was improvised during the early days of lockdown in 2020 after Lattimore walked her neighbourhood. “I would just wave at neighbors I didn’t know in a gesture of solidarity and it reminded me of how you’re compelled to wave at people on the other boat when you’re on a boat yourself, or on a bridge or something. The pull to wave feels very innate and natural.”

Sink deep into the impeccably lush sweeps of harp strings and let the ambient vibes wash over you.

Ghostly International will release Collected Pieces II on 29th October. Grab the limited edition cassette or digital release here.

Collected Pieces II Tracklisting:

 A1./01. Mary, You Were Wrong

A2./02. For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth

A3./03. Sleeping Deer

A4./04. We Wave From Our Boats

A5./05. Princess Nicotine

B1./06. Be My Four Eyes

B2./07. What The Living Do

B3./08. Pine Trees (Home Recording)

B4./09. Polly Of The Circus

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