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 With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. Each week we select new records from across the musical soundscape that requires your attention. So happy listening – and don’t forget to hit the links and support the artists.


Hania Rani ‎- Music For Film And Theatre

‘Music For Film And Theatre’ is a gorgeous collection of works composed by the talented Hania Rani, for you’ve guessed it film and theatre. The album sees Rani hand-pick some of her favourite compositions crafted for various film and stage productions over the years. Full of intricate details, beautiful arrangements, and hypnotic melodies, this is a must-listen.


Frits Wentink / Erik Madigan Heck / Tilda Swinton – Safe Passage

Here’s one from earlier in the year that we slept on – an intriguing collaboration between producer Frits Wentink, artist Erik Madigan Heck and actress Tilda Swinton. Three modern classical, choral, and electronics movements with narration from Swinton. Impressive stuff!


Ishmael Ensemble – Vision Of Light 

Bristol experimental jazz collective Ishmael Ensemble are back and sounding better than ever. Led by saxophonist, producer, and DJ Pete Cunningham, ‘Visions of Light’ finds the collective taking on the energy of the band’s live performances on one side whilst the other side sees Cunningham in the producer role, collaborating with other artists. These ten tracks make a delightful album with a clever blend of experimental electronics, nu-jazz, and strong vocals.


Tommaso Cappellato – Pioneered

Italian drummer, composer, and producer Tommaso Cappellato kicks off his Domanda Music imprint with a stunning new album, titled Pioneered, featuring a talented array of collaborators including Afrikan Sciences, Michael Blake, Justine Cefalù, Mariano Gil, Shahzad Ismaily, Jaimie Branch, and more. The project is a delightful array of improvised jazz gems as captivating and arresting as his previous offerings. Enjoy Pioneered in all its glory below!


Thijsenterprise – Three Houses (Driehuizen)

Suppose your ears haven’t met the magical vibrations of saxophonist, composer, and producer Reinier Thijs. In that case, it is time that they did! He’s back with his latest project as Thijsenterprise, and once again, the saxophone is in full force, backed by a rhythm section to push him through. However, he digs deeper for darker and more emotional tunes with extended solos with the clarinet given a more prominent role. With his deft blend of jazz, instrumental hip-hop, beats, drum breaks, improvisation, and samples, Thijs makes the kind of music that manages to stop you in your tracks and just listen! Stream the album below – it’s another cracker!


The Luvmenauts – In Space

The fourth album from the eclectic Toronto-based collective The Luvmenauts. The quartet pays homage to the sounds of the past and film composers such as Janko Nilovic, Piero Umiliani, and Alan Hawkshaw. Their blend of funk, breaks, soundtrack, and library music makes The Luvmenauts one of the most fun and imaginative bands out there. The twelve-track LP features BBNG saxophonist Leland Whitty and guitarist Adam Beer-Colacino.


Mente Orgánica – El Espacio

The first full-length album from Earthly Measures has arrived, and it’s a bit special. Colombian producer and multi-instrumentalist Mente Orgánica mixes glorious textures, steady grooves, calming vibes, and a dancefloor filler or two, superb record. This one is highly recommended for fans of Nicola Cruz.



José Mauro – A Viagem Das Horas

Far Out Recordings releases José Mauro’s 1970 rare Brazilian masterpiece ‘A Viagem Das Horas.’ Recorded at the same time as ‘Obnoxius’, the album didn’t see the light of day until six years later on the Brazilian label Tapecar Records. This reissue additionally includes three previously unreleased tracks from the original 1970 recording sessions. Essential!


Nyssa Musique – Comme Au Moulin 

If you like the idea of an album that musically sits ‘somewhere between Midori Takada, Don Cherry, and Jon Hassell’, then ‘Comme Au Moulin‘ is for you. Released in 1985, this obscure French gem by Nyssa Musique mingles spiritual jazz, fourth world, ambient, modern classical, and minimal vibes. No need to pay through the nose on Discogs anymore as Ici Bientôt Records have got you covered.



Romperayo E DJ Tudo + Sau Gente De Todo Lugar – Rhythmic Emancipation 

Take a trip to São Paulo, Brazil, for an extraordinary one-off recording session between Colombia’s Romperayo and Brazilian producer/musician DJ Tudo. Released on the always reliable Names You Can Trust Records.



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