Chip Wickham – The Cosmos (Chip Dub) (TS Premiere)

Twistedsoul - Chip Wickham.

Saxophonist, flautist and producer Chip Wickham is releasing a new EP of remixes from his Blue to Red album via Lovemonk this Friday.

The four-track release features remixes from Photay, Medlar, and the man himself. The result is an EP of house, electronica and ambience where Chip’s flute takes centre stage, twisted and crafted into a crescendo of soundscapes and bewildering lush fragments of his jazz compositions.

Today we’re happy to be able to premiere Wickham’s remix from the upcoming EP exclusively.

With its cosmic dub vibes, he creates a meditative soundscape for the listener to escape to! The blissful textures are just perfect for smoky club rooms or late-night headphone sessions. 

Pre-order the translucent vinyl before its 25th June releaseĀ here; check out the tracklisting and artwork below.

Vinyl Tracklist:

1. Blue to Red (Photay Remix) 

2. Blue to Red (Photay No Drums Remix)

3. The Cosmos (Chip Dub)

4. Interstellar (Medlar Remix)

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