Guest Playlist: Divorce From New York

Spanish producer Alvaro Granda (AKA Kino International) recently unveiled his brand new musical alias Divorce From New York.

Last month saw the release of his first album under his new guise ‘This Ain’t Jazz No More’. The seven-track project sees Granda weave together jazz-infused grooves with driving percussion, dusty breakbeats, soulful key flourishes and emotional string swells.

The album was created as Alvaro’s newly born son was nursing. As ongoing paternal duties resulted in a scarcity of studio time, his creative workflow methods had to be streamlined in order to allow bursts of creativity in short timeframes. Going back to basics, Alvaro dived into his extensive vinyl collection, sampling records and breaks, which best captured his newfound outlook on life.

Today, we’re excited to share a guest playlist from Granda with all of you, an excellent and eclectic mix of sounds from Madlib, Yussef Kamaal, Vels Trio, Joe Armon-Jones, the late MF DOOM and more.

Tune in and enjoy below!

1. I love all Madlib records, but I can listen to this track in a loop for a lifetime

2. Yussef Kamaal’s album changed my life, without a doubt one of my favourite albums of life

3. Tony Allen is together with Yussef Dayes, my favourite drummer; his new album is a must

4. The Nigerian Freedom Sounds compilation is one of the discoveries of the quarantine by Covid of last year; without a doubt, it was the album that sounded the most at home

5. The reissue of the Vels Trio LP was, for me, the best news of last year, I love this album, and when it came out, and I went to buy it, it was sold out when they reissued it Rhythm Section, I bought it instantly

6. This Sonic Youth album is among my top 3 albums of my life.

7. I love Nubya Garcia, I have all his records, and I play this remix almost always in my DJ sessions.

8. Joe Armon-Jones is another of my favourite artists, and his latest track freaks me out.

9. I enjoyed creating this track a lot; I don’t usually do a lot of music roll beats.

10. Without a doubt one of the best albums in the history of Hip Hop. The MF Doom and Madlib combo is one of the best in history.

This Ain’t Jazz No More is out now – buy from Bandcamp.

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