Jason Nazary announces LP on We Jazz Records

Jason Nazary blew us away last year with Tour Beats 1, the collaborative project he released with Jaime Branch, so when we received an emailed about his new project I opened it immediately.

Marking his debut release with We Jazz Records, the new record called ‘Spring Collection’, is set to drop on 25th June.

Recorded at home the album sees Nazary crafting some deliciously sparkly solo cuts plus working long distance with stellar collaborators like Jaimie Branch, David Leon, Ramon Landolt, Matt Mitchell, Grey McMurray and Michael Coleman.

Speaking about the album, Nazary explains: “With ‘Spring Collection’, my aim was to capture the spirit of spontaneity & collaboration lost in the absence of live music.”

If you’re looking for some wonky free funk grooves, then you must listen to ‘Telefunk’. Outrageously clumsy yet surprisingly coherent this is the sound of pure freedom and joy.

Enjoy below and be on the look out for LP in the coming months.


1. An Easy Slide On 

2. Weird Little Gopher 

3. Pulses Of Wind, Real Or Imagined (w/ David Leon) 

4. Slow Bell Jawn B (w/ Ramon Landolt) 

5. Telefunk 

6. Dust Moths (w/ Matt Mitchell & Jaimie Branch) 

7. Rain On Cape (w/ Michael Coleman) 

8. Days & Nights, For Em (w/ Grey McMurray) 

9. Goodnight Moss

Spring Collection is out on June 5th via We Jazz Records. Grab a copy here.

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