Between The Cracks: Essential Releases You Need To Hear

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. No lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Adrian Younge – The American Negro

Released via his own Jazz Is Dead label, Adrian Younge delivers an unapologetic critique, detailing the systemic racism that afflicts people of colour in the United States. Younge wrote and played every instrument of the rhythm section himself and conducted a thirty-piece orchestra. I’m gonna keep this one short, do yourself a favour press play, listen and enjoy.


Teeth Agency – You Don’t Have To Live In Pain

‘You Don’t Have To Live In Pain’ is the debut LP by Teeth Agency. The duo made up of musician Jesse Hacket, and visual artist Mariano Chavez blend a variety of genres such as folk, psychedelia and wonky pop, stitching them together like only they can, to come up with a collection of 14 catchy-yet-challenging tracks. Listening to tracks like ‘Wolfs Jam’, ‘Many People (Remake)’ ‘Abbana Kange’ and ‘Queen Of The Night’, it’s clear that this is a musical duo that is not scared of trying anything new. An absolute treat for fans of weirdo experimental music.


Griffin Brown – ii y a

Avant-pop meets free jazz and experimental electronic music on this new album from Griffin Brown. The multi-talented Brown weaves a sonic tapestry of sound across the albums twelve tracks. An excellent album from a unique artist who manages to be both experimental and engaging. 


William Ryan Fritch – Freeland

William Ryan Fritch’s original soundtrack for the award-winning film Freeland. Beautiful stark ambient instrumentals but with elements of jazz, folk and classical also present. Tracks range from waterlogged horns, splintering clacks, wheezing reeds and billowing strings. A portion of the proceeds from this album will go to organisations that help smaller cannabis growers overcome legal obstacles and support the many growers unable to carry insurance devastated by the 2020 California wildfires. 


VISIONIST – Call To Arms

Visionist, aka Louis Carnell, recently shared his third album, called A Call To Arms. Marking his debut release on Mute, unlike previous projects where Visionist used samples of his vocals on tracks, his voice can be heard throughout this LP. The album also includes collaborations with Wu-Lu, Black Midi’s Morgan Simpson, Ben Vince, Lisa E. Harris and more.


Mr Mitch – Lazy

Album number four from Mr Mitch and, Lazy might be his best yet. Across the LP’s 11 tracks, Mr Mitch explores his electrifying vision of contemporary club music from Balearic house to grime, acid, techno and beyond. Lazy also features an array of impressive contributions from Duval Timothy, Manga Saint Hilare, miles and Social State. Essential.


Emanative & Liz Elensky – The Volume of the Light

Vocalist Liz Elensky teams up with her husband, producer and drummer, Nick Woodmansey, aka Emanative, for their first joint album. With the help of a talented cast of collaborators, Rocketnumbernine, Tamar Collocutor, The Maghreban, Jessica Lauren, Ben Hadwen, Vince Vella, DJ Khalab, Dan Jose and Deokevbring their collective talents bring this amazing collection to life. The Volume Of Light exists in a space between jazz music and experimental electronic music, but sitting very much in its own musical lane. With Liz’s beautiful vocal harmonies, Nick’s undeniable grooves, and the array of new and exciting sounds heard on this record, The Volume of the Light will be high on many end of year lists. 


Alex Albrecht – Campfire Stories

Australia’s Analogue Attic return with the debut album from Alex Albrecht. Campfire Stories explores “dreams, the unconscious, and the intertwining of feelings and memory” over ten tracks. With field recordings that “lend to the fragmented way people recall experiences,” the album creates a narrative that encourages the listener to “attach their own thoughts and impressions to the soundscapes.” Longtime musical partner Sean La’Brooy hops along for the ride as do, Allysha Joy, Ziggy Zeitgeist and Thomas Gray. Let Albrecht take you to a relaxing place in space and time, so close your eyes and drift away.



Maris Pihlap – What Have You Become?

This is a real gem. Violinist, vocalist and producer Maris Pihlap release her debut mini-album What Have You Become?. A creative mix of folk, downtempo and electronic Pihlap deftly blends soothing melodies with relatable lyrics and intimate folk arrangements. Stand-out tracks include ‘Honest’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Alright’. Click play, enjoy and buy this high-quality debut!



Elsa Hewitt – LUPA

Having wowed us countless times over the past few years with her delectable slices of wonky experimental electronics, Elsa Hewitt has announced the release of her forthcoming album LUPA by sharing the fabulous lead track. Listen to utterly captivating ‘Inhaler’, which sees Hewitt create a hazy but equally pristine track that sets up the LP nicely. Having already listened to the full release, I can tell you that you’re in for a treat!


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